Da Lat birds photography tour

Birds & Wildlife photography tours
Di Linh - Da Lat
4 - 7 days
Standard in Di Linh, 4-star in Da Lat
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Da Lat is the best birding site in Vietnam and Southest Asia, why? There are more than 10 endemics and the number is still increasing as split works. More information

From our blinds you can get 3 endemic species Collared, White-ckeeked and Orange-breasted Laughingthrushes. You also able to get Blue Pitta at the feeder while other targets to see and photograph out side.

Collared Laughingthrush - photo by Nguyen Hoai Bao

Red-vented Barbet - endemic to Indochina (Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia)

Black-browed Barbet - has been split and now call Annam Barbet - endemic to Indochina

Red-headed Trogon - simply it is a beautiful bird

Long-tailed Broadbill - simply it is a beautiful bird

Rusty-naped Pitta and Blue Pitta - not easy to photograph but you can try

Indochinese Green Magpie - endemic to Indochina, an elusive bird

Eurasian Jay - althought this is common but it is potential split as an endemic

Slender-billed Oriole - beautiful bird, endemic subspcies

Maroon Oriole - might not need to everyone

White-browed Scimitar Babbler, Streaked Wren Babbler, Eyebrowed Wren Babbler, Pygmy Wren Babbler, Rufous-capped Babbler, Vietnamese Cutia, Chestnut-fronted Shrike-Babbler, Blue-winged Minla, Rufous-backed Sibia, Black-headed Sibia, Mrs Gould's Sunbird, Streaked Spiderhunter, Red Crossbill, Brown Bullfinch.


White-throated Rock Thrush, Green Cochoa, Rufous-browed Flycatcher, Blue-and-White Flycatcher, Mugimaki Flycatcher, Snowy-browed Flycatcher, Little Pied Flycatcher, Large Niltava, Lesser Shortwing, White-tailed Robin, Spotted Forktail, Yellow-billed Nuthatch, Yellow-cheeked Tit, Grey-crowned Tit, Grey-bellied Tesia, White-spectacled Warbler, Chestnut-crowned Warbler. All of these will be bonus, some are wintering

Black-hooded Laughingthrush, White-cheeked Laughingthrush, Orange-breasted Laughingthrush, Collared Laughingthrush. They are endemicsm which you need to be very patient

Black-crowned Fulvetta, Indochinese Fulvetta, Grey-crowned Crocias, Da Lat Shike-babbler,  Black-headed Parrotbill,  Vietnamese Cutia, Vietnamese Greenfinch. These endemic to Da Lat will make you more than happy!

Black-crowned Fulvetta (Da Lat endemic) - Photo by Bao Nguyen
Chestnut-vented Nuthatch (local subspcies) - Photo by Bao Nguyen
Da Lat Shrike-babbker - Photo by Bao Nguyen
Common birds of Da Lat

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Day 1. Drive to Da Lat (can fly to Lien Khuong airport as optional), go birding in the afternoon if time permit

Overnight at Hoang Anh Dat Xanh or similar

Day 2 - 4 or 5 or more. Exploring Da Lat area including Ta Nung, Datanla, Langbian, Giang Ly - Bidoup

Before last day afternoon drive to Di Linh, birding at Deo Nui San

Overnight in Di Linh town

Last day. Morning birding at Deo Nui San then drive to Ho Chi Minh city - tour ends

This tour is also good to combine with Cat Tien national park tour