Tmatboey - Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary

Tmatboey - Kulen Promthep

Locates in remote Preah Vihear province, this dipterocarp forest is home to some of the rarest species in south-east Asia. The landscape is dominated by open, dry savannah interspersed with extensive tracts of deciduous forest along the waterways that called small waterholes, or ëtrapeangsí, which offer us the best chance of locating the near-mythical Giant and White-shouldered Ibises, which use these trapeangs to feed. In between visiting these waterholes good numbers of other species will be encountered, including an array of wintering passerines found in large feeding flocks. Up to sixteen species of woodpecker make this forest their home, including the spectacular Black-headed, gigantic Great Slaty and striking White-bellied. Other localised species here include Burmese Shrike, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, Rufous-winged Buzzard, four species of prinia including the localised Brown Prinia, Blossom-headed, Red-breasted and Alexandrine Parakeets, Indochinese Cuckooshrike, Indochinese Bushlark, Golden-fronted Leafbird, Black-hooded Oriole and White-rumped Falcon. Night-birding is often productive; Spotted and Brown Wood Owls, Collared and Oriental Scops Owl, Brown Fish Owl and Spotted Owlet all being possible along with Savannah and Large-tailed Nightjars. 

Dry-open forest at Tmatbouy


Cambodia has developed their road system quite good. You can reach Tmatbouy by car from Phnompennh (7 hours), Siem Riep (3 hours). The new bridge near Stung Treng is now let you can go from Kratie (5 hours).


Ecolodge at Tmatbouy village is the popular place for most birders, however a town near by (30 km), Preah Vihear city supports number of hotel and guesthouse