Trip Reports

John G Williams, USA, 2012



I had planned to write earlier, but have been quite busy since I returned from Cat Tien. I wanted you to know that I thought the trip was outstanding. Quang is a wonderful guide: friendly, engaging, compassionate about birds, has a birder's ears and eyes, and most importantly put up with me asking numerous times, "Now what's that bird" after I had already seen it. I also appreciated his views and insights about the country. When I get home, I will try to find one of the websites where people can write in and 'rate a trip'. I think other birders would particularly appreciate knowing about your company (you and Quang). Thanks again for your help in getting me set up for this and arranging the lodging when I arrived. If I come to Viet Nam again, my wife will surely want to come also, and I will definitely will contact you about another birding trip.


Amy Kirsher, USA - 2012

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Thank you very much for providing Ken and me (and also Mike) with such an excellent guide for our trip to Cat Tien. Quang is extremely knowledgable, obviously passionate about his profession, and very accommodating to his guests. He was tireless even along our lengthy drive to and from Cat Tien, pointing out sights and sharing insights and historical information along the way. His "eye" for identifying the birds at great distances and even in poor lighting was amazing. He generously shared his binoculars most of the time, since Ken and I were sharing a pair. We'll each have a pair for our next trip! Even though we have a bird feeder in our yard at home and have done a little birding, I am obviously a beginner. Quang was very patient with me, and I learned a lot from him. By the end of our time at Cat Tien, I was usually spotting the birds as he pointed them out. The trip was an inspiration to both of us to seek out birding classes back in our home town with the Audubon Society. Thank you also for assisting with the booking of our hotel reservations. I have kept your contact information and will recommend Quang and your company to friends who may come to Vietnam. We look forward to our next trip.

Best regards,

Amy and Ken    

Tim Doran, Portsmouth, UK - 2012

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Hello Bao,
I just wanted to say thank you for guiding me over last two weeks and to say that I have arrived safely home in Portsmouth. The weather here is colder than Vietnam, but no snow or ice. My personal trip list was 261 (14 heard) and I am currently working through my lifers. I thought we did very well for the important endemics and got good views of most; so a very pleasing trip. I shall be interested to hear how John gets on in the north and that may be a trip for me in the future.
Best regards